You describe the goal, we develop the solution


We supervise numerous automation projects and develop hardware and software for our customers. We often provide these special services on behalf of large engineering firms, and because many of our projects are subject to confidentiality, we are only able to provide a few examples here.

Our customer wishes to launch a combined skin camera with laser applicator, which will detect the object to be treated, conduct a medical evaluation, make suggestions for treatment and support communication between doctors and patients.

A camera module for endoscopic devices, in use since 2006.

Based on the geometric limitations and the prescribed imager IC, this project involved designing the system, developing the PCB and programming an AVR microcontroller (MC). The module generates a PAL video signal. The MC controls the white balance and image brightness, and generates an on-screen display menu in the video signal.

Creating a data logger for monitoring large industrial solar plants was a particular challenge. Interference inevitably occurs around inverters in the megawatt class. As such, suitable measures were required in order to render the electronics immune to interference.

We have been working on various software and hardware projects for Asclepion since 2005. In this project, we developed a control board for a combined ultrasound and radio frequency unit.

For this project we programmed application software for internal use in facility management. The software is able to run on an iPad with iOS 6.0. Distribution is being carried out internally at Bayer AG.

With this in-house development, we optimised the sequence of manual component placement on PCBs.

Control system for automatic adjustment of headrests

Headrests are essential in a car. However, if several drivers use the same vehicle, the headrest has to be positioned manually each time.

We were given a furnace chamber and built-in heating elements as a starting point. Thus far we have implemented temperature measurement, relays and control of heating elements. » ITP GmbH